About Us


  • Vishwajyot High School (ICSE) was born out of a passion to educate children in India the right way. With a 12 year old legacy, and three batches of students passing out of 10th years, Vishwajyot has proved that through its unique pedagogy and methodology, excellent results can be achieved.

    Students at Vishwajyot High school are testimony to that fact that a school can develop children’s minds, bodies and hearts, to create the leaders of the future.

  • Dear Citizens of Navi Mumbai Vishwajyot High School was established in 2004 with 30 students and 3 teachers, by Shevantabai & Shankarrao Foundation. Today, we are 30 times that & still growing. We are a unique team of teachers, academic professionals, organisational managers and students, that have delivered incredible academic results and confident & positive young people. Our unique ways of developing our students have bought us motivating media coverage, and gratitude from parents for not putting their children through burden yet not compromising on academic results and overall development through sports & the arts.

    Our facilities are well maintained & continuously growing and we will always maintain hygiene and cleanliness in our school campus. In the coming years, our pedagogy will be focused on solving India’s unique problems, and we’ll be implementing technological & research based teaching techniques to engage with each student and deliver what we promise - Education. Personalised.


    Mrs Sushma Dhumal | Director, Vishwajyot High School

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    Out of Vishwajyot High School, was born a new dream. A dream to tackle India’s education led problems at the very roots. Thus started Wunderbar Kids, a chain of 20+ preschools spread out over Maharastra.

    Fundamentally, Wunderbar Kids and Vishwajyot High School follow the same principles – Personalizing education to suit the needs of individual children. However, with Wunderbar Kids, we started at the very beginning. We designed a superb preschool program with the aim of making kids own the English language like they do their mother tongue, of fostering their natural curiosity and personalizing the experience so that each individual child proceed at their own pace… so they can truly master what they learn.

    Ours schools provide this child the ultimate playground to discover themselves. Our ultimate aim is to reshape the learning experience away from the factory style to an individualized learning for each learner and we continue to add new offerings to address the needs of the Indian learner. To learn more about Wunderbar kids click here.