The grades 1-3 in Vishwajyot High School provides a caring and fulfilled learning environment in which the young members of the school are encouraged to discover the joy of learning. The focus is to develop new intellectual abilities and foster the imagination of the child during these years. Therefore, subjects like English, mathematics, EVS, music, dance, handwork, clay and languages –- are taught imaginatively and artistically, in order to engage the child’s feelings as well as their intellects.

Music and Drawing are an integral part of our primary course curriculum. In music, the focus is on pentatonic melodies to train pitch and retain the child’s inherent voice. Children also begin learning to play a pentatonic recorder. They learn to listen carefully, to match pitches, and to follow hand gestures. Lessons are also introduced through songs and poems. The overall intention is to foster a love for music and make learning an enjoyable experience for children. Drawing is blended into our daily teaching schedule. Their understanding about various topics are transferred in the form of a drawing in their main lesson book. It reflects their understanding of the topic and their ability to reproduce the same on paper.

The everyday teaching process in primary school commences with a block period or main lesson lasting for about ninety minutes. It is a focused approach of dealing with a subject in the beginning of the day and the same subject continues as the main lesson for the entire week. It covers relevant topics essential for understanding of basic concepts in their early years of learning. Each block continues for 3 weeks followed by a change of subject in the fourth week. The main lesson begins with a circle time along with the teacher. Various topics are introduced during the week are learnt through poems, songs, conversational activities. A mix of activities like clapping, stamping, imitating, bean bag exercises, help children to understand their physical presence. It also develops the child socially and intellectually.

Curriculum of grade 1 to 3
A Typical day in grade 1 to 3