With the end of the elementary education, students from grade 6 onwards are now prepped up for more in depth form of schooling. Also they are now expected to study and groom themselves as per the ICSE format of formal education.

The block system of education for main subjects, specific to Waldorf and Vishwajyot continues even in the 6th & 7th grades with equal emphasis on other ancillary subjects such as Computers, Physical Education, Handwork, MusicDance etc. Going forward, these students do not learn Science and SST as combined subjects. Science is segmented into its 3 main divisions- Physics, Chemistry & Biology. SST is bifurcated into History-Civics and Geography.

The block periods are now dedicated to each of the segmented subject for a minimum of 1 week per class, so that the subject experts are given sufficient time and space to allow children to explore the finer elements of each subject. The Eurythmy, Art-Drawings is tagged along during the block periods in the form of mime and movement, long book exercises respectively, which keeps them rooted and benefitted from the Waldorf system of education too. Co-Curricular activities and Core subjects other than Science and SST are given equal weightage across the week thereby keeping the focus balanced on wholesome education.

For grades 6 to 8, every year there are study trips or school excursions to different places based on the requirement of the demands and requirements of the syllabi which covers a wide range of subjects such as Art, Botany, Geography etc. At the 9 th and 10th grades there is concentrated efforts put up by the team of expert faculty to hone, strengthen & fortify the students to excel in ICSE board exams which will pave way for a strong foothold in their future career prospects. Right from an early start in their academic year to extra sessions, dual prelims to long durations of self-study, maximum care and efforts are taken to endow upon students the need to be meritorious by the standards that they set for themselves.

Regular interaction with parents by the principal, teachers and counselors are embodied in the school schedule for constant and close monitoring of the students physical, emotional and overall development.

A Typical day in grade 6 to 7