In pursuit of its mission, we at Vishwajyot High School family, inspired by the Waldorf methodology, are guided by 5 core values each of which is woven into our academic and extra-curricular activities for a value based learning system. These five values form the basis of everything we do:

Learning through discovery: Learning is an active, fulfilled process of discovery where students are encouraged to explore, examine facts, question and draw conclusions using their own creative ways. Following this theory of constructivism our students experience the joy of learning under the guidance of their ever-inspiring teachers.

Student individuality: The school values every student and creates a learning environment in which all of our diverse learners can achieve their highest potential. We believe that all our students have the capability to learn at a different level and we encourage them to live up to their potential.

Mutual Respect: Every member of the school comes from a diverse background. We respect and celebrate our diversity and realise that there are many things that unite us all. Our students are taught to value the uniqueness of every individual to prepare them to live in an inclusive community.

Reverence for nature: We understand the need to balance the virtual with the real to teach our students, especially children, to do the same. We truly understand and appreciate the transformative power of nature, and believe that a deep nature connection in principle and practice is an essential component for a healthy living.

Integrity: Intellectual honesty, good sportsmanship, ethical behaviour are the qualities embedded in our principles of learning. It helps our students to act in a respectful and virtuous manner both within and outside the school premises and make responsible choices.