Dear Parents, At Vishwajyot we have a scientifically designed pedagogy in place that evolves as your child does to help him / her shape their lives on their own terms. We will take them on this journey where they will emerge as confident world leaders. I invite you to read more about this below.

Stage I : Absorb

Children learn to observe the environment around them and learn lessons through imitation. The teacher serves as a friend, a guide and a model for the children through this journey. At this age the child's mind is like a sponge and is able to absorb information at a rapid pace. Hence the children are exposed to multisensory stimuli which help them develop their multiple intelligences. Growing through this stage they learn how to interpret the world.

Stage II: Discovery

At this stage the children are in the process of discovering who they really are. They are aided along in this journey through various activities and exercises that allow them to use / manipulate the intelligence they began to develop in Stage I. Nature trails, farming, pottery, weaving and multifarious activities are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum around a central theme/project. Exposure to different ways of learning allows the child to discover her / his own strengths and how best they learn.

Stage III: Do!

At this stage the children are transitioning into pre-adulthood. Here they complete the process of discovery they had started in the earlier stages and are given the independence to choose their own path. Both groups, (through projects) and individual learning (using technology) provide ample alternatives for the child to chart his own path. At this stage we also start treating the children as equal partners in the management of the school. So you should not be surprised to find a child reading out the annual report, heading a marketing campaign, giving teachers ideas about how to make maths more interesting. They are now ready to face the real world.

Jai Hind!
Sushma V. Dhumal