A musical journey of art and music 5th Annual Survyapi & 3rd Annual Rangvyapi that started few years ago and had its elimination rounds on 6th December'18 reached its destination today with splendid musical performances from the best talents across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Fifty eight participants from thirteen schools across participated in the event.
Survyapi 2018 concluded today with captivating finale performances from all the finalists including music teachers, non-music music teachers and Vishwajyot parents too.
It was also a blessed moment for all the aspiring singers to listen to the revered judges. The event was judged by Shri Umesh Chaudhary and Shri. Mohan Sinha who did not just evaluate the performances, but also graced the event with their melodious rendition.
As beautifully said by our Director Ms Sushma Dhumal, musical events like Survyapi pave the way for aspiring and classically trained musical talent in the country other than blessing the school with the positive aura which came out from the rendering of soulful music today. We are certain that this event will not just be remembered for the beautiful performances but would also provide an encouragement for many more budding talents in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. We do hope to see greater participation from our students, parents and teachers in the coming years. 
Finally we extend our heartiest congratulations to all those who excelled in Survyapi 2018. It was not the awards that matter, it is the appreciation and learning through the event that is the ultimate recognition.