Academic :

Due to our excellent results and persistent requests from the parents for the past 2 years, the school has applied for ISC affiliation and plans to provide our students the opportunity to complete their entire schooling in Viswajyot itself, from the academic year 2018 – 19 onwards.


Skill – based learning:

Skill-based learning provides classroom environment where independence, thinking skills, collaboration and active learning are developed, at the same time as knowledge is acquired. It provides us with a set of flexible skills to manage change in an uncertain future. In order to provide our students with this kind of flexibility we are likely to start training programs in Plumbing, Carpentry, Fashion designing, Robotics and electronics from next academic year onwards.



We are upgrading our infrastructure, two huge assembly halls are being constructed, one for primary and secondary each. We have plans to upgrade our playground with state of the art facilities to encourage, and enrich our students’ skills in the field of sports in the next academic year.