VJHS stands out for its unique infrastructure alongwith its unparalleled pedagogy. From Subject Rooms to Mathematics Laboratory, Customised and Student centered movables, we have it all under one roof.

Subject Rooms:

Subject Rooms are designed so that the teacher can create an optimal learning situation for the children. It makes the teaching learning process meaningful and productive we design each room keeping in mind that we are trying to create an atmosphere that is both pleasing and inspiring, pleasant to be in and up-lifting to the spirit. We want to create a pleasing location so that our students look forward to come to our rooms and will receive good associations and positive memories from the subject room. For the teacher, teaching aids would be easily accessible and he/she will try to keep the room pleasant as they will spend a greater part of their working day there. The room must be pleasing to everyone since this combination, teacher, pupil, location is one of the most important ingredients in the formula for a good education. Even as we teach, we learn. Grades 5 and above move to subject rooms based on the daily subject schedule (time table). Over and above that students are given a separate locker each for storing their belongings and facilitating easy movement from one subject room to other.

Mathematics Laboratory is focused on supplementing learning by doing using various tools (physical & techno-based) like Jodo Blocks, UTH, Number line, Jodo Straws etc. to Khan Academy – Online learning tool.