In today’s world, most children encounter the challenges posed by peer pressure, emotional and physical changes with growing age, expectation from family etc. Many have a natural ability and adaptive skills to sail through life’s difficult experiences while others require appropriate guidance and support. Our Student guidance program is conducted in the school from grade IV onwards to guide students, to effectively handle stress and educate them on the social, emotional and physical changes that lie ahead of them.

Student guidance programs are conducted every year by our highlyexperienced child counsellor. The program helps to focus their energies on identifying and dealing with personal, behavioural, social and scholastic problems that affect student performance, achievement and even relationships. The sessions conducted under the program highlight on topics like peer pressure, good touch bad touch, time management They help children to develop a good personality and embrace life skills so that they can face the challenging world better.

Apart from this, regular counselling sessions are conducted for students of all age groups through regular interaction with parents, siblings, peers and teachers.
The counselling sessions and student guidance programs conducted throughout the year helps children to mature as confident individuals, mentally and emotionally strong to handle real life situations positively.